(g/s) ‘fore’ warned! (5.11)

‘fore’ warned!

paved path for golf carts
do not make good walking trails
unless you play golf

though there are a few times that
the cart may ride on the grass

the public ought to
find paths where ‘Fore’ needn’t be
a warning to hear


Note: not all the paved cart paths are connected.

Scheduled for Weds May 17

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odd ditty

odd ditty?

shedding bark, they do that naturally
some of the trees that I have seen
here on the trails between the
neighborhoods…that are
divided by highways

you can only get across

those roads
occasionally and you will
not see some of them, the older
trees – if you miss those hidden trails
that exist; which weave under bridges
and around fenced school yards
that have some attempted
green space

something new to learn

by highways that divide
the fences that hide the back
yards of those secluded neighborhoods
that I have walked here and there are trees
that naturally shed in stripes their bark, seasonally

c JP/davh