(gs) …enjoying summer 9 (August)

…enjoying summer 9

shadfly litter the
walkway by the shops; too far
for the trout to lunch



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a haibun: A Litter of Plums

a haibun
A Litter of Plums…

on the other side of the fence a tree grows in Union City
but on the side where the path lines the dry creek because
it must be on higher ground, for the birds or rodents there
are perhaps just waiting for a litter of plums.

much better than the dirt that is mixed with sand and looks
just like a grey mass of nothingness or the scattered green,
clear or brown broken glass that even half buried cuts the
soles of those brave enough to tread pass the tree decorated
with graffiti – that can’t be covered by a new thin layer of tar
that blocks some artwork that is less than pleasing…

perhaps the swallowtails’, those two that I saw have a small
part in pollinating the flowers that once bloomed on that tree
that produced – a litter of plums.

all those ‘stones’ amid
the flesh of rotting fruit; waste?
returning to earth


Notes: stone; verb: 28. to remove stones from, as fruit.
litter; noun: 1. objects strewn or scattered about; scattered rubbish.
not litter; verb (used with object) 12. to give birth to (young),
as a multiparous animal. Though in this case it means both – even
if the fruit is not a mammal.
multiparous: adjective 2. producing more than one at a birth.

Though the grouping of plums on the ground did look like a bunch
of purple animals, nestled together trying to keep warm waiting for
Mother Plum to return.