(g) Finally, Spring? (3.20) wp

Observing 20
Finally, Spring?
(haibun-type with Elfje)

Six twenty-eight this morning was the official time;
however Spring may be delayed as Winter hangs
on to the petticoat of warm hopes, like a child clinging
securely to their mother not wanting to let go for
fear of being forgotten, not ready to move forward.

Tight grip
Seeks attention as
Mother Nature moves towards


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‘Anticipation…is keeping me waiting…’

‘*Anticipation… is keeping me waiting…’

Some new shelf product lines some of the cabinetry…
I may return unused rolls…

I’ve been able to empty four packed boxes; rearranged
the location of some foodstuffs…

I’ll have to wait for the counter installation before I can
restock four cupboards…

Today the handles will be properly hung…getting a grip
on this facelift…


*Thank you Carly Simon: