(g) Imagining Springs in Gear (3.18) wp

Observing 18
Imagining Springs in Gear

Teacher planning day
Leaves Son of Son with Grama
For a fun Friday

Springing toy trucks on mat
Of alphabet letters; bounce!

Over and under
The couch, around tissue box
Blockades; racers zoom


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Just Karma 195 September 2016 wp

Just Karma 195
Grand ‘Son’

Just how busy can a six year old keep you? Train tracks have trains traveling
a maze of wooden trails, some leading to another group of toys set up as a
stop on the town…taking up all the square footage of the room.

We get derailed out into nature to visit two different parks; Climbing rocks,
scampering over bridges, sliding and hiding in tubes and tunnels before
escaping the heat into the library.

The silo room is filled with building toys, a different train; another country of
building blocks for imaginative play – We borrow some videos for perhaps a
quiet time after stopping at the library cafe store for a snack and books!

Once back home lunch is but a refueling station, milked for all it is worth;
Grama breathes while the video entertains the child who will rest, but not nap.

There is a request for macaroni cargo for the trains to haul, after a brief look
at the huge spider web found outside…Daddy arrives and Son of Son does
not want to leave – It’s the first time in a long time he’s had Grama all to himself
without Little Miss joining them. Ever the negotiator Son of Son pleads for a
repeat of the day…tomorrow…

grandchildren; blessings
change the scheduled plans of peace –
brightening our daze


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it’s always something…

it’s always something…

unexpected flight delay
makes for a day late
in returning home…for daddy

pressed into service
in the early hour –
grama picks up lampkins
so mommy can go to work

over the river and through
the woods… settle everyone –
then discover a computer mouse
is on the fritz

good to have the laptop
as a back up…
it’s always something…

(c) JP/davh

July Choices 19

Son of Son, just two years and two months…
Chooses his wooden trains carefully
A fan of Thomas and Friends, he selects who will lead and chuff
He knows all their names, those useful engines
And all their friends too – one version of tracks
Once his father’s and his uncles…plus a few new pieces
Await his imagination at Grama and Grampa’s –






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