(g) LIGHT; opaque obstructions (renga series) (12.10)

“There are two kinds of light – the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.”
James Grover Thurber

LIGHT; opaque obstructions
(renga series)

light white flakes falling
so fine that the faint breeze will
delay their landing

there will be no rainbows from
crystals hanging in windows

no need for a ‘French
Toast’ store run… bread, milk and eggs;
where’s the snow shovel?

progress of the day
snowflakes grow larger, less wind
carpet of white grows

deliveries are still made
on the dark ribbon roadways

birds cluster feeder –
refilled when the shovels were
taken from the shed

tapered to nothing
the snow, yet temps fell faster
frosting the walkways

not must to push, sweep, shovel
that ice reflecting light rays

even in the morn –
bundled to get the paper;
as the sun poked sky


Light: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/light?s=t

Note: I thought the quote fitting for a snow storm; light blocking light.
And this series was written over the length of the beginning, middle
and end of the first snowfall of significance this December.
Morning temp at 7:30 am 22 F or -5.5 C

This verse also fits this challenge: first snow
Frank J Tassone Challenge 11

Flash Fiction = Fiction or non… Longer Strands = longer verse


Sweet Reminders

Lines made in sugar frosting
Are fleeting
Birthday wishes with some roses
Are for eating
Frosting made of sugar can draw you in…




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