245 (g) 4 am ’til 11 pm su-th. 24 hrs fri & sat (4.19)

Just Karma 245 Elfje series
4 am ’til 11 pm su-th. 24 hrs fri & sat

Flavor for
Breakfast in another
Part of the town;

Is endless –
Menu is standard
And they sell lottery

With coffee,
Eggs and pancakes
Before the day begins;


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Honoring 22


Sporting Kitchen or
+ il concoctera avec des amis

I like words that you can play with
And really you can just about play with them all
Like ‘Dishing’ and ‘Serving’ could pertain to food
But also to ‘talk’ and ‘swatting’ a tennis ball

Variety is truly the ‘Spice’ of life
So I like to wander the ‘net’ and play
As I visit and make the rounds of writers
Those who share different passions, have plenty to say

I like words that are delightful treats
They make you want to take a bite and savor
Their simple, yet complex letters that are layered
In between delicious photos helping to describe their flavor


the letters
words and sentences
come join the table


*Origin: 1250–1300; Middle English s ( o ) upen < Old French souper to take supper < Germanic; compare Old English sūpan to swallow, taste, sip.
+ French for ‘dishing it out with friends’
(c) JP/davh