(g) Clean Up Crew Miss… (7.13)

Clean Up Crew Miss…

On the
Highway snags a
Rental – thankfully the driver’s

Of a
Grill from a
Truck from who knows

The rental
More paper work –
At least the company’s

Makes for
A nerve wracking
Return trip for heading


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Elfje series:

gotta clean
what the townships
will not – the borderline

and pull
a mechanical winch –
neighbors permission to cross

some progress
the engineer won
stuck to his plan –

temporarily disassembled
some debris removed,
other bits float free

a big
mess to clean –
at least the weathers’

Hubby had a plan. Rigged one rope across the creek to raise the branch/trunk and while also,
hooked up to the winch to pull it to our side so we could get it out. There where some doubts that
the tree part was buried too deep. But we are making progress and our wallet is a bit lighter too.



left my glasses in the house
no use to wear something that
would just get steamed up
in weather that is below freezing
to do my morning chore of
dislodging the collected debris
in what I call the elbow of the
fallen tree…

hat on my head, mittened hands,
and layered clothing for my
morning trek… crunching the
morning dew under foot about
one hundred healthy paces down
to the bank with another ten on
the ‘bridge’ and log – it’s a fine

tottering there – with my crooked
sort of pitch-fork like tool spooning
the leaves both large and small,
up and over they go – as they would
have just floated by if the the tree
were not there…along with whatever
branches may have worked their way
down stream…


Build Up?

Build Up?

Builder wasn’t built right
Didn’t have a conscience
Cutting corners, hiding junction
Boxes and double-tapping lines
In the circuit breaker box –
We breathe easier now knowing
We are safe and sound
Updated and legal even as our
Bank account diminishes

Sticking in odd colored sinks
Using undersized equipment
For the whole neighborhood
thirty odd years ago – Twit built
This house, now our home
Over his own debris pile…
And it sunk, and we had to
raise the roof, from the bottom
concrete slab! Ka-ching!!


disarray : a haiku series ; 7.7

a haiku series:

fit to be tied;
branches and debris – pulled
out with special winch

one man, tolerates
weather that summer tosses –
untangles the dam

currently still a
collective challenge; blocking
the normal passage

of the little creek,
changing course, meandering,
widening, its banks

soil unstable
exposed the roots of great trees
angling to fall…


While most larger pieces
of the first tree fall in the
creek were removed the
latest storm created a new
dam. We have a big mess
to attend to. Might take us
several seasons to dispatch.

Weathered (6.25)


another storm brewed
while we were far away –
a double felling…

another piece of
a dead or dying tree –
maybe lightning struck

another unheard crash
and crackle falling in landward –
a natural force

another live tree
taken with it, uprooted, bent –
the ornamental cherry

another mess added
to the existing debris scattered
along the creek

another sigh as
a side garden of berries
are ‘pre’ jammed

another days’ observance
watching bunnies enjoy cherry leaves
under new shelter…


A Kelly Lune series