(g) Stir Crazy? (7.10)

Stir Crazy?
(a haibun)

One batter, split
For oatmeal cookies
He wanted cranberries and mini coco chips
She only wanted the chocolate

There was enough to send home
A bag for him, a bag for her
(to share with Mommy and Daddy)
And some extra for the neighbor

A long day soon to end –
Started with a walk
As well as ended with one.
And now I’m done in…

I did learn though
That this was the one-hundredth day
That I’ve been with my exercise ‘program’
And received some bonus points

where have I been and
where shall I go – to the moon
and maybe I’ll return


(My ‘program’ is mainly just walking – since starting almost at the beginning of April I’ve logged 2,005,247 steps, climbed 3454 floors (or have gone up steep inclines – the hills in my neighborhood or actual stair flights), and have traversed 850.4 miles.)

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with the threat of more snow
everyone worked hard to clear
walkways, drives, and drains…
since I was home I went out
five separate times…

one neighbor left cookies
as a ‘Thank you’.

could not see celestial bodies
the threat of more snow kept
the sky bleak…and yet so far
we only got the edge…barely
a dusting

the radar shows there is a slight
lull, maybe snow, followed by rain

there is a possibility that I will be
able to see the January full moon –
so named the Wolf Moon…
not that many wolves in suburbia
except for telemarketers…


still makes for a nice verse but I was a month off…
February’s full moon is the Snow Moon –
see other full moon names here:

Mindful 4

cotton candy spun clouds in a field of pale blue
lone bird sits high atop the barren silver maple branches
one might think it were a different season…


sink your teeth into treats and immerse your imagination
into spring and a picnic and homemade cookies
to be judged and tasted in an old historical home
where past a president pondered the affairs of states

on an old rolling Virginian Plantation that once was enveloped
in silence and shuttered against dawns and dusks, that is once
again being revitalized and becoming a grand Belle for the ball.

© JP/davh

For my friends at Belle Grove Plantation
If you enjoy history of the United States; Please Visit

Frosted Delights

Giant dots of chocolate chip cookies
I get to fill in a dozen of their faces…
A holiday theme and icing of red, white and green
Each one slightly different to catch your eye
But will you stop, as you shop, take a look and buy?




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