(g) Stir Crazy? (7.10)

Stir Crazy?
(a haibun)

One batter, split
For oatmeal cookies
He wanted cranberries and mini coco chips
She only wanted the chocolate

There was enough to send home
A bag for him, a bag for her
(to share with Mommy and Daddy)
And some extra for the neighbor

A long day soon to end –
Started with a walk
As well as ended with one.
And now I’m done in…

I did learn though
That this was the one-hundredth day
That I’ve been with my exercise ‘program’
And received some bonus points

where have I been and
where shall I go – to the moon
and maybe I’ll return


(My ‘program’ is mainly just walking – since starting almost at the beginning of April I’ve logged 2,005,247 steps, climbed 3454 floors (or have gone up steep inclines – the hills in my neighborhood or actual stair flights), and have traversed 850.4 miles.)

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Honoring 23



Sing with your whole heart
Laugh at and with the day
Well maybe not every single day
Because there is wash to be done,
Babies to feed, songs to write

Sing with the sound of laughter
The joy in conversation and response
From tickling funny bones,
To virtual pizza, pets and pie –
Coffee, tea or lemonaide

Sing with anticipation, expecting
Excellence in success –
Recording and sharing dreams
Because when shared problems
Are divided and solved

Sing for the fans who have heard every word
Of every verse you’ve sung and too for those
From all over the globe who are waiting to enter
Your private theatre – to hear you perform
Under a bright spot light, so they too can applaud

Sing with a clear and unwavering voice
About sharing chocolate under the moon –
Anniversaries, birthdays and maybe a heart break
Or two, because all are apart of us sharing
Our daily lives even if it’s not every day…

hostess brings
joyful noise – music
in the form of

(c) JP/davh

Power Hours?

Dip, dip, dip…Dip, dip, dip – strawberries into milk, dark
And white chocolate, drizzle the dried shells to decorate
Put out samples to lure ‘em in to see what’s been
Packed in threes, sixes, twelve and eight-teen
Pair even and odd berry counts with brownies for lovers to share








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