(gs) …enjoying summer 15 (August)

…enjoying summer 15

caught by reflection
lightning bulb bursts; leaving a
sad ‘s’ curve pane stain



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11.23 …touche…

11.23 …touche… CD 610

every Thanksgiving
the table transforms; faces, plates
location and time

some will not return
how can we tell them that we
believe they are here

the young ones fidget
unable to comprehend
the important dance

as they learn to jump
try to defy gravity
with all of their might

yet they are thankful
to be caught by loving arms
before reaching ground






the yard is carpeted in yellow leaves
while there is no set path down to the creek
I wander down in the seven o’clock hour

unintentionally scaring the water fowl – the ducks
as it seems the geese have taken their ‘V’s and
flocked elsewhere so the quakers are reclaiming
the water way that I think perhaps they had always
thought was theirs from the start…

there isn’t much caught in the crook of the
fallen tree, but I clear it anyway – though now
I wear a jacket to ward off the morning chill