(g) Stir Crazy? (7.10)

Stir Crazy?
(a haibun)

One batter, split
For oatmeal cookies
He wanted cranberries and mini coco chips
She only wanted the chocolate

There was enough to send home
A bag for him, a bag for her
(to share with Mommy and Daddy)
And some extra for the neighbor

A long day soon to end –
Started with a walk
As well as ended with one.
And now I’m done in…

I did learn though
That this was the one-hundredth day
That I’ve been with my exercise ‘program’
And received some bonus points

where have I been and
where shall I go – to the moon
and maybe I’ll return


(My ‘program’ is mainly just walking – since starting almost at the beginning of April I’ve logged 2,005,247 steps, climbed 3454 floors (or have gone up steep inclines – the hills in my neighborhood or actual stair flights), and have traversed 850.4 miles.)

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Hey, Batter, Batter

Hey, Batter, Batter
(No Cake, Yet)

Messages left on machines
Recorded requests to digest

The contractor wasn’t in
So the plumber couldn’t be called

The painter must have been on a job
As he didn’t pick -up either

The broker’s secretary’s recorded message
Said they weren’t in this office today

Three strikes – but alls well; put out the trash,
Conversed with family, cuddled with grandchildren,
Pet the neighbor’s dog, who is always happy to see me

Right in the middle of the infield of the ballpark
Of life – a home run day!