(g) Growth Spurt (7.11)

Growth Spurt

Robins grow
Three nestlings huddle
Often sleeping when not


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blessed event : haiku series 7.11

haiku series:
blessed event

waiting for the dawn
and news – boil some water
it’s something to do

for everyone else
except mother and father
and of course baby

who is still in charge
for the moment and will be –
…after their first breath

mothers hearts flutter
amazed at so small of a
living angel – there

fathers’ hearts begin
to melt – at the miracle
set into their arms

siblings also want
to meet new family members
well, maybe they do…

for the rest of us
boil some water – as we
wait for news to share…

(c) JP/davh

PS …well I didn’t have to boil any water…
Just lost a little bit of sleep – waiting.
Between midnight and 1am the newest addition to
our family arrived 🙂