New Warning November 2016 and other Spam

November 2015 : do not open any mail from: ( Unless you actually know who this person is. If it is an invitation to visit someone you do not know you could get a threatening message or virus. The person who posted my invitation was taken down from another site I belong too. The forwarded message ended up in my spam e-mail. And I tend to not trust anything that ends up in my spam folders. While I found something yesterday – I cannot locate it today. It was a warning that mail opened from Adrianna/Adriannebruce with a hotmail address contained viscous spam.

Another dodgy invite which I am sure is malicious: Do not reply to: missjamilagary @ yahoo . com = who apparently believes that telling everyone she is young and pretty is enough to get them to contact her. Don’t do it! Could lead to a virus or other nasty spam. If you look up missjailagary you will see (at least) two more places where this gal/person is trying to lure you either from NJ or Germany. So beware, and stay as far away as you can.

March 2015: Please be aware and do not open or respond to any mail from IQ Elite. This is a scam to attack your e-mail address book.
A friend of mind thought it was good, fell for it and had to end up warning friends of the mistake that was made.
I Q Elite hi-jacked her address book. I didn’t fall for it the first time and just got another request today – I just deleted both requests.
They say they have a message from your friend for you. But if my friend had a message for me they would have sent it directly to my e-mail address and not through another site.
I Q Elite must have thought since I didn’t answer the first time they would try again. I will delete them everytime.

Please Google I Q Elite to find other messages similar to the one in the link:

July 2, 2014 Do not open anything that comes in your e-mail that says you have a package from USPS (USP)
At this point in time the USPS or UPS (especially to an e-address that is fictitious) does not send e-mails saying you have a package.
(I called my local post office to confirm this.) I got an e-mail from A C stating I had a package.
I found out that I would first have to register on some place called Quest that was once (or bought up) Century Link.
I have never had an account with Century Link or Quest – I just deleted it.

2014 : Be aware of a new Spam called SkillPages.
Came up in my mail. I investigated and found this link. And then deleted the invite.

Not all things bright, shiny and new are worth the aggravation.


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