The 411 – Your information Page About How I Operate this site – Right Here.

*Please ask permission before reprinting my original works and if I don’t reply then you don’t have permission.*

The 411 – Your information Page is right here. Please read this if your comment or e-mail requests haven’t been published or answered: EXPLANATIONS, DISCLAIMERS, and ANSWERS, OH MY! +Info about undoing ‘follow comments.’ +Also the 411 on Google Circling – near the top of this page. (Updates about ‘Likes’ Feb 4, 2014 and another update about trackbacks and pings March 2014)

+Update note on ‘Likes’ – while some WordPress followers can still like a post in their Readers (something I rarely mess with myself), if I do get too many ‘likes’ I can’t see them. I can see up to 6 or 8 in the notifications section. Then I get a message that says “If you want to see all the likes go to your post.” Well that won’t work as I have taken the ‘Likes’ away I can’t see them either. So do pop in a happy face if you want me to know you’ve stopped by.

Another Update (March 2014): I do not automatically allow trackbacks or pings to sites I do not recognize or am unfamiliar with. Today I had 9 trackbacks in my spam folder. I do not publish 99.99% of what ends up in spam. Also thanks for thinking of me but this is also an ‘award free’ blog.

IMPORTANT BLOG CHANGE PAGE (I combined my information pages into this one June 2014)

I do not automatically allow trackbacks or pings to sites I do not recognize or am unfamiliar with. Today I had 9 trackbacks in my spam folder. I do not publish 99.99% of what ends up in spam.

Important Blog Change: I regret that I have to take the ‘LIKE’ button away. I am getting too many non-related ads and choose not to actively share them. If all you wish to leave is a ‘LIKE’ pop in a 🙂 Please note: This is an AD FREE BLOG! Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful suggestions. I do not Tweet, Pinterest nor am I on Facebook. Please note that I will most likely not be posting your comment if it has ended up in the spam folder. I do not post comments at this time that go to advertising either your comment or your address. And I will not post any comments that I think would offend my readers or me. This is a standard WordPress theme – I can not help you set up your own blog. I do not post guests posts unless I put the link in personally. If you are really interested in contact you need to read through this whole page – that will give you a better clue as to how I operate this site. I will not honor Ping or Track backs that I cannot identify. Thank you.

About Tweeting, and other media…

About tweeting, facebook and any other social media. Thanks for asking. If I don’t do ‘it’ myself (which I don’t).
‘You’ don’t have permission to post me, that is anything I write,on twitter, Facebook, or any other social media.

If you want to ask me, e-mail me. Don’t leave it in a comment that will most likely end up in spam.
I delete spam regularly.My e-mail is in the pages of this blog…find it, if you want.

I enjoy blogging. I’m happy that you are enjoying what you read. But please continue to respect my wishes concerning my writing.

Thank you, JulsePaige   of    Jules gem stone pages @ wordpress


+Special note about ‘Comment Follow’: If you accidentally click  follow comment and are now getting more than you bargained for – just un-click that same box, from the post you were following  to be removed and you’ll stop getting mail you don’t want.  

+While I appreciate and value your readership, I don’t do Google Circles so if you send me a request and I don’t jump through hoops to join you…you’ll know why. I also don’t ‘Faceplant’…oh that’s ‘FaceBook’ nor do I ‘Tweet’.  But if you do and are happy – Good for you.

Explanations, disclaimers, and answers, Oh My!


  • This blog is based on small observations, it is not a diary per se, and was created to link to another site which accepts them. It is for my own writing. Because of the connection to another site I do not use this space to host other writers.
  • I am not hiring, mentoring, or will recommend you for a writing job. Nor can I help you publish your own material.
  • I don’t add videos, photos or expand ‘articles’ here (not yet anyway – though sometimes I might explain them).
  • I have longer verse on another site.
  • I do not belong to FaceBook or Twitter.
  • You can follow here, by following directions.
  • This background is a standard option of WordPress I didn’t create it. Though I may change the theme occasionally they are all free Word Press offerings.
  • I generally delete spam, especially those comments which make no sense, are rude, have hi-jacked other addresses to leave comments (because when I try to reply directly they come back as non-existent).
  • Until someone can explain Track backs and ping backs satisfactorily (as they are ending up in the spam folder); those  comments will not be published
  • I will not Pingback or track back to sites that I cannot identify. URL, Home -gobblydegook letter number combos – not going to happen. 
  • *Disclaimers: 
  1. We all enjoy feedback and I thank you for your kind words.
  2. Comments that end up in WordPress spam will most likely not be posted.
  3. It is difficult to reply to non-valid accounts.
  4. Advertising for businesses, vitamins, hair products, animals domestic or wild,  will not be posted. (There might be one or two exceptions but Hey this is my blog not yours.)
  5. Thank you for remembering that American English and European spellings are slightly different. And that both versions are acceptable. My spell check says my American English words are correct – well except for the ones I purposefully alter!

Oh My!

  • If your site links to or has any  ‘adult content ads’ of any kind  you will not find your comment posted on my site. If I can’t get to your site because of  ‘adult content’  and my browser won’t let me open it – I will not post your comment or any links that might by Phishy or would offend my readers.
  • You also will not find your comment posted if: it leads to recipes, is in a language other than English, is any profile site I don’t recognize (pretty much if it isn’t WordPress or Blogger -and that isn’t guaranteed either), travel sales,or  ‘medical’ aides/ads
  • Pretty much anything that does not relate to the free exchange of creative writing, poetry and maybe short flash fiction will not be honored.
  • While we all enjoy being Liked and Followed this blog site is not here to promote You or Your business or what ever You are selling. I will do my best to honor legitimate comments and visit those who choose to Like a particular post. I will often bookmark other sites that I find interesting that have chosen to Follow this blog. But I just can’t follow everyone as my e-mail in box would be impossible to maintain. I do however bookmark many sites and try to visit those who have chosen to follow me. Though my time is limited as to how many sites and when I can visit them on any given day. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Just for the record: I don’t know why I get offers for SEO Plug-Ins ads for WordPress rankings, that end up in my ‘spam folder’. You’d think if it was a legit ad it wouldn’t end up in the spam folder? None of those who have recommended I watch this ‘4 minute video’ have taken the time to explain anything to me in non-computer language. So I guess it’s Buyer Beware! And I ‘aint’ buying. I do hope this answers any and all questions you may have as to why ‘your’ comment was not posted. I’m not in this for the money…so frankly I don’t give a darn about ‘rankings’ – however if you are an agent, contact me. If you look carefully you’ll find my contact information.

I  revamped this page yet again June 1014 because there was a site that my browser wouldn’t let me on and I’ve been getting some strange foreign language stuff too, and please if you are one of the ‘snake’ people leave me alone – I’m not interested. If I haven’t given you expressed permission to use my work – then you don’t have it!  And you have to ask by e-mailing, requests in the comment section will not be honored.

Some of the content of this page may be repetitive.  And that is because I combined several pages onto this one. And well sometimes repetition can be a good thing. Thanks for your continued support. YOU my friends – know who YOU are. 🙂






14 thoughts on “The 411 – Your information Page About How I Operate this site – Right Here.

  1. I neverv visited this page…”faceplant” got me laughing and so agree with your requests…I have to keep rechecking my settings…so much junk and spam!! I never liked that stuff either…yuk! This gave me ideas on what to alter to avoid more hassles when all I want to do is read a few blogs and write. Blessings….”faceplant”!! I might steal that…:D

    • I think my hubby and I might be the only two people left who don’t have that ‘product’… But remember I’m also still working with a flip phone 🙂
      Glad I can be of help.

            • Maybe if one had to tie their shoes they might actually pause for a moment?

              Too much rushing to get nowhere.

              But I digress… Life is for living and as long as we are having fun 🙂

              Hubby has a smart phone for work – you can program different rings for different people (guess you could do that for a while) – It always makes me chuckle when his work calls we know who it is. But he was playing with the settings and now when this particular text alert comes in it makes a weird electrical noise and he can’t figure out how to change it. Arrggg. 🙂

                • He messed with something… that’s for sure.
                  He says he’s tried to fix it.
                  One of our sons used to sell cell phones.
                  You’d think between the two of them…
                  …maybe he leaves it that way on purpose just to hear me fuss… kind of a game. One of these days when the two of them are in the same room I’m going to say something …if I remember 🙂

                  Unfortunately unless he is on vacation he’s sort of on call 24/7. Some alerts are for his volunteer stuff. I’ll live. – Thanks.

    • My spam is close to if not exceeding 10:1 valid comment here at WordPress. I felt I had to explain why I wasn’t posting everything. At my other blog I may have gotten 2 spam comments in 6 months. If it isn’t good why does it even get as far as the spam folder? Hope my explanations are reasonable.


Please do Pop in a Like :) if you're happy. As there isn't a like button - This is a PERSONAL ad free blog (WP had ads on free sites). Spam is not allowed. Please read 'The 411 Information Page' as to the how's and why's of how I run my site. URL track backs to code 404's (not found) - not honored.

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