Quickly; call: Potluck It Is (plus)


Is the answer blowing in the wind

‘Potluck It Is’ is a continuation of ‘Is the Answer Blowing in the Wind’ – Just because Margo asked for it.
The only tie in with her prompt is perhaps life cycles…Wheels go round (marriage) and that when you go to
an animal shelter to get a pet…well it is in fact; ‘potluck’ as it refers to what is available.

Quickly; call: Potluck It Is
(Mid Month Switch Up/ New Routines)
Quickly August Warm Up Words:
call= So far into the woods, the mutt known as Just Dog, almost missed the call signal.

Potluck It Is

Calliope got him to wear a bow tie and watch Dr. Who.
But she knew that he was man of suits, ties and schedules.
It seems he would always have a full head of steam for her –
an undying love and devotion, she could live with that.

Randolph knew this wasn’t his parents type of marriage.
But did he really know his Mother and Father? So traditional –
Surely they would frown on his new bride – when they met her…
they had eloped…He wanted to be spontaneous… and enjoy life.

So that afternoon together, the newlyweds went to the shelter
to get a pet – And they made an afternoon of taking the older
animal with them for a walk… so far into the woods, the mutt
known as Just Dog, almost missed the call signal.


potluck (noun) 3. whatever is available or comes one’s way.



Tuesday Tryouts: Finish it : Ssstrrretching



slow silent sigh
slicing slipping silver
symbols slowly spiral

setting sliver satellite
sky sight slips
sleep scenes seep…

subconscious, she slides
soothing subterranean sounds
shimmy, softly settle

rivulets, rain runs
released, really returning
rendered restless roving

resettles, rests – restructures
rivers, roaming reform
rocks rattling rolling

reckoning resonance, romancing
rainbows reflecting rays
recognize rumbled rambling


Note: I normally do not have a file of unfinished symphonies.
But I started with the first two stanzas towards the end of May on paper…
and then added here and there and finished up with a title this morning.
Just playing with alliteration so it may not make complete sense.
But not everything poetic has to 🙂