WWP 202: The Pieces

WWP 202

The Pieces

Day 1

Long day watching lambkins; rewards are always many ~
Deer casually walk across the yard at dusk…

Day 2

Messages do not entice the sale, no polls, no scams, no politics
Or relatives that want to mooch –

Day 3

Support from ether, something from nothing ~
Add a ‘y’ after ‘o’ … A zen moment of noting

Day 4

The black cat that roams the neighborhood, thinks he owns my yard…
I wonder if anyone… owns him?

Day 5

Did I crush your heart? Surely not your independent dreaming?
The scheming you set to weave by saying; ‘No’.




This piece is a three fer, my daily and the two prompts above. Enjoy:


Give me goblins and ghouls
Give me ghostly visitations
Give me poisoned apples to eat

They are all better by far
Than a relative who doesn’t trust,
Doesn’t like the stuff that you are stuffed with

Give me a strong partner
Give me loving children
Give me friends to fill my days

Take away the two-face
Unsupportive spellbinder
Who’s wizardry seeks to enslave

Give me patience
Give me fortitude and courage
Give me mounds of humble pie

To accept with grace
Those things I cannot change
And let me be ‘dependant’ upon myself

Give me relationships fair and just
Give me a good nights sleep
Give me a new day…