SW 148: reading the signs


reading the signs

like a virus multiplying,
supported by tricks of the mind
holding court, waging war parties,
framing the brave and innocent –

we seek support sooner
than later to be safe…
from the grip of this unusually
cold and snowy winter

even the almost full snow moon
failed to break through cloud
cover… hazed over and opaque –
yet there is hope…as the sky

lightened up with the aid of
the morning sun…there perched
resting and waiting on the side
maple, was the first robin…


fail/failed, support, virus, party/parties, safe, court,
frame/framing, later, mind, tricks, brave, wages/waging


SW 147: left overs


Elf-ku (mirror Elfje sandwich haiku):

left overs…

winter grasps
plucking invisible flow
tree bodies list, weather

rings, I count their age
my weeping friends’ arms, fingers
torn, but still rooted

crashing, their type frail –
gather dead wood
springs’ new

gather, grasp, gutsy, routine, stream, body,
flow, invisible, pluck, list, ring, type

PS I’ve done this ‘form’ before but hadn’t named it until now 🙂

SW 146: stasis



the bucolic shepherdess, formerly a very happy miss,

was out of balance. the others would not open their hearts


had tiptoed on the edge of an alternate path just knowing there was potential for success
she could sense the synergy of her lampkin
when others had given up the beast for lost


balance, edge, alternate, former(ly), open, others,
sense, potential, tiptoed, synergy, bucolic, miss


Sunday Whirl 145: visionary?


a renga:

writing sustains – me
facilitates my thought strands
embraces my time

juggling my mental state;
plans get challenged, sent away

to another country –
the one where aspects change, melt
and just fade away…

country, facilitate, aspect, sent, strands, state,
sustain, write, time, plans, embrace, juggling

Whirl 144: be prepared

http://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/1035/ #144
with additional inspiration provided by:
I am never really sure where folks come out of the blue when they visit.
But the wordle list seemed to fit in the aspect of ‘being prepared’.

a tanka:
be prepared

neglected spirits
conjure their sighs, carrying
their trinkets, they curl

bend back night caps seeking to
twist with twine your nest of dreams

sigh, bend, conjure, twine, back, spirits, nest, trinkets,
neglect, carry, curl, cap

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Thanks gents for the visit and interesting place to bookmark