9.25 plaited prompts: …the emperor ate…

9.25 plaited prompts: …the emperor ate…


(Perhaps if the emperor had eaten more apples?)

‘I Speak Not, I Trace Not, I Breathe Not Thy Name’ by Lord Byron
(I’ve taking an indirect route and slightly longer than an American tanka)

a memento mori poem with these words:
trance, track, skin, emperor, popcorn, bacon

And just because it Too, Too – fits…   Q 25 T 10


a tale retold in memento mori:
…the emperor ate…

bacon was the fat
the emperor ate, popcorn
with too much butter

in a trance with his mirror;
not looking at skin sagging

lost track of his life;
sly tailors’ embarrassment –
naked to his own death

coffin closed; who was the first;
and the last mourner? the child

clear lesson here;
moderation is the key –
serve it up daily



Quickly; needed: Is the Answer Blowing in the Wind?

Because just one word can lead to one sentence which evolves…
awakening perhaps into a poem on a blank page.

Quickly; needed: Is the Answer Blowing in the Wind?
(Mid Month Switch Up/ New Routines)
Quickly August Warm Up Words:
needed = Randolph needed to win the confidence of Calliope.

Is the Answer Blowing in the Wind?

Randolph did not want to be known as Randy.
While his profession of a banker helped him keep a
dignified personal appearance – He had fallen for
the flowerchild, the woman that was Calliope.

As a man of suits and ties and schedules;
Randolph needed to win the confidence of Calliope.
Her name was more than just a steam pipe organ.
Though she was quietly a very proud woman.

Could their two worlds merge? Just what would,
could one man do to loosen the ties that bound him so
tightly to the corporate jungle – He instinctively knew he
could not change her…so he must adjust himself.