11.16 My Day : MLM Nov 15, ’14

3/5/3/3/7/5 11.16 Shadorma series: My Day

far from home
‘making due’ with you
always home
beside you
as we walked several miles
holding hands, my love

on the beach
you are patient
stopping here
and and there –
I pick up shells and feathers
snap pictures too

we slowly
stroll to up the road and back
stopping to
play mini
golf – ‘aces’: you got two and
I got one also

picked up my
mother at her place
then dinner
with a view of the sunset;
gulf across the road

the waiter
reminded me of
Neil Patrick
Harris – young
man with a groomed mustache and
beard; was funny too.

too stuffed for
dessert, we rolled to
the rental
car to take
mom back to her place, and then
to our hotel

too much sun
to many footfalls
we collapsed –
far from home
blissful to be together
you and me

(c) JP/dh


Note: not at home, might attempt the other
part of the prompt challenge another time.
If hubby gets out early we might have another
day together before we have to go ‘home’.