About (me, sort of)

“I’m just an old leather boot trying to walk on a catwalk and nobody cares because I’m not a plastic mock animal high heel shoe.”

I’m just an old leather boot

not army boots, though I once thought about joining
however early rises and following someone elses rules –
you know that a rebellious artistic spirit just wouldn’t work there

trying to walk on a catwalk

or eggshells, being the ‘monkey in the middle’
Jane of all trades, master of none, little bits of knowledge
tucked between aging marbles and greying locks – still young at heart

and nobody cares because

Oh maybe there are a few, but I’m not in the spot light
and frankly that’s OK too – If you are looking for frilly lace
and a made up face – you’ve come to the wrong place – I’m not a rock and…

I’m not a plastic mock animal high heel shoe.

Process notes: I was whining at a friend…yeah OK we all whine sometimes…and well she liked the sentence about shoes…I added the itallics so you’d have more of a clue as to who I am – not that it really helped. But I had fun writing it.

Thanks ever so much for thinking of me when you get ‘Awards’ I attempt to recognize ‘Awards’ in February when I link to specific sites – other than that my ‘blogs’ are ‘Award Free.’

Same stuff but on blogspot (short verse) : http://julesgemsandstuff.blogspot.com/
Long verse can also be found here (sometimes haibun can be found on at my fiction place): http://juleslongerstrandsofgems.wordpress.com/
My (flash) fiction and some other continuing stories): http://julesinflashyfiction.wordpress.com/

If you’ve come this far and are still interested…in fun, creativity, and me…you can find my alter-ego here:

If you’d care to drop a post card or snail mail you can do so here:
2049 Miller Rd Box 103
East Petersburg, pa

(slight update May 2016)


73 thoughts on “About (me, sort of)

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  2. Thank you for sharing this article quite interesting and, hopefully true happiness rays began to warm our hearts, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂

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  4. Ooh, what fun! I’m a bit of a shoe fetishist. No plastic ones, a few boots, not great in heels although I do have one pair, for prancing around at work if meeting clients. They don’t see the light of day much outside that!

  5. Jules- just poking around your blogs and trying to figure out where you keep what. And found your about page. Perfect – just perfect. xo teri

    • Dear Sweet AnElephapntCant
      all comments are just first hidden from view
      Not at all because of you…
      I’ve had some issues with sort of trolly type things
      So I’ve had to clip their wings

      Which is quite unfortunate that my
      True friends and honest humble beings
      have trouble seeing what they write, right away…
      Any time you wish to converse
      Do e-mail me with a verse

      But fear not…as once and soon as I am able
      I will make visible that which seemed to have
      been swallowed by the ether net…
      Those words so kind and bold, are just on hold…
      You must know I you are as a friend, one of the best!

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  7. Jules, I had never seen this “about” page, I love the boot reference and the fact is YOU Are a Master of Poetry!! (Never say master of none again, you wonderful poetess!)

    • Thanks for the honor. I did a whole month of honoring in February. My small daily observance blog, well is just for small daily observance. I might put up a page for awards someday…


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