A few helpful WP tips Jan 31, 2016

A few helpful WP tips December 2016

WordPress continues to attempt to make our lives ‘easier’ – and have made some more ‘changes’.

It seems the drop down menu from my site(s) no longer lists your sites but takes you to a new option where you have a laundry list of what you can do at your current site and or eventually get to your other sites. Not everything that glitters is gold. But I guess it is something we have to get used to.

There have been other bumps in the road this year like when they changed the notification ‘bell’ and tried their darnedest to add extra line spacing, which they seem to have given up on after a few months… I now don’t have to (in every piece that I copy and paste in) remove extra lines between the paragraphs.

Some of the information from January 2015 may still be helpful, if it is still accessible. Cheers and Happy 2017 to all.

January 31, 2015
Dear Friends,

There have been quite a few changes at WordPress lately.
Not all of them to my liking. I’ve found a few posts that express this emotional
roller-coaster of disenchantment. As well as (if you can understand them) some
very helpful links. Please honor the host of the post as well as the post they
re-blogged that have helpful tips to make our lives easier – for those of us
resistant to some or all of the ‘New’ improvements.

My main complaint has always been “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”
If you find other helpful information please do leave a link in the comments
section here.

The first host is: http://eclecticoddsnsods.com/ Where I found: http://eclecticoddsnsods.com/2015/01/26/an-open-letter-to-wordpress/

I also found this from http://blogitorloseit.com/
which includes a link to the old notifications list system (still no archive though)

When you are in your own WP account and go to
the link https://wordpress.com/notifications you will get the old list.
I bookmarked that link on my bookmarks bar and started using it there.
I will not, if I can help it go back to the ‘new’ notification system.

I hope some of the information can make things easier for you. If I understood
more I would explain more. Thus you get links. I really hope they help.

Also note: Check your spam as some legit comments are getting sent there instead of
properly to your in-box. I had not had that issue until this morning… though it was reported.
So I checked and found three misdirected pieces.


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