A Collaborative Conversations in Verse

Please note – this effort started with a response to the first poem which also appears on my about page. Mick of https://mickhispoetry.wordpress.com/ and Jules (me) have been having a go-round of verse in various forms. Your comments are welcome. And I would be willing to start other such pages – This one though is for my new friend from across the pond, Mick 🙂

About (me, sort of)

“I’m just an old leather boot trying to walk on a catwalk and nobody cares because I’m not a plastic mock animal high heel shoe.”

I’m just an old leather boot

not army boots, though I once thought about joining
however early rises and following someone elses rules –
you know that a rebellious artistic spirit just wouldn’t work there

trying to walk on a catwalk

or eggshells, being the ‘monkey in the middle’
Jane of all trades, master of none, little bits of knowledge
tucked between aging marbles and greying locks – still young at heart

and nobody cares because

Oh maybe there are a few, but I’m not in the spot light
and frankly that’s OK too – If you are looking for frilly lace
and a made up face – you’ve come to the wrong place – I’m not a rock and…

I’m not a plastic mock animal high heel shoe.


with women,
and shoes, there
just made to protect

Mick (8.11)

Shoe In?

six inches –
not for me
give me comfort with

©JP/dh (Aug.11)

they don’t
fall on their
face’s i often wonder

q MET 2017/66 (Aug 12)

Imagining Jane 007
(Collom Lune 3,5,3 words)

Femme fatale plays
With daring do, in spikes –
Not much else…

©JP/dh (Aug.12)

Not much else…
Not how a male thinks
As skirts shrink

©MET 2017/66 (Aug 12)

Risque Business for Jane 007
Kelly Lune 5,3,5 syllables

As skirts shrink – men think
Less, act more –
Nothing else matters…

©JP/dh Aug 12

As skirts shrink – men think
Some act too
Taking liberties

Taking liberties
Breaking laws
Disregarding rights

©MET 2017/66

Jane As Diana Prince?
(A single Sedoka has six lines, and the syllable count is 5,7,7,5,7,7)

Disregarding rights –
Heroes and heroines fight for
Justice and pursue evil
Perhaps some are masked
While others play cold war games –
In the deepest night shadows

©JP/dh (Aug 12)

(J~…my plume could not resits, I have ink for blood…- and now ‘anon’…)

deepest night shadows
its where the cowards lurk and hide
a threat to all passers by
what ere their gender.
weapons at the ready- or
some in a threatening disguise

©MET 2017/66

au fait for fate
Shadorma: A Spanish poetic form
(can be in singles or multiple verse)
Count of syllables is 3, 5, 3, 3, 7, 5

disguise could cause one
a delay
in thought and
lead to harm; be prepared to
be your own hero

be alert,
educated and
be prepared –
gal or guy
think safety first while wearing
comfortable shoes

©JP/dh (Aug 2017)

to be me
of course most of the
time I am,
a white lie
sometimes to keep the peace, or
just to save my face

not at all
to take advantage
unless it
is for the
good. deception for evil
has never been me.

licence, a poet’s
privilege, used
to enhance their poetry,
more often than not.

m~ phew, I don’t often struggle, but the count on the last one, a nightmare. 🙂
Note (Jules added ‘carefully’ to keep the Shadorma true to form)

page, your
prerogative and it
is fine by me

would love
for us to
continue this game of

thank you,
can not believe
I missed a line


…To continue Anon, anon, anon…

just words…
(line/syllable count; pi ku 1/3, 2/1, 3/4 and tau ku 1/6, 2/2, 3/8)

you are ‘it’
at your leisure

no need; apologies,
just words
to continue flowing freely


yay… a comment box
allowed, ticked in settings
worked for me
from day one I ticked
confused… I had forgotten
belated sorries

(Mick Aug 15, 2017))


7 thoughts on “A Collaborative Conversations in Verse

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  2. You’d mentioned pi ku 1/3, 2/1, 3/4 and tau ku 1/6, 2/2, 3/8 before, now I know the syllable score
    So here are one, maybe two, even more
    Starting with a pi ku:

    tag… I love
    often played it.

    words… our souls
    in all we write

    Tau ku next:

    just a tad different
    one less
    syllable than a haiku verse

    now that was lots of fun
    pi ku
    followed by two tau ku… more fun
    © MET 17/66

    • Moved into page… Nice haiku.
      I’m guessing the ‘instruction’ page helped…
      Eventually I’ll delete excess comments – and reply, anon…

      I’ll reply in the comments here so you know when, then I’ll shift the verse(s).

      Now maybe you can work your own page including including:
      Successfully Scored


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