(g) LIGHT; encounters… (a haibun) (12.12)

“Light is to darkness what love is to fear; in the presence of one the other disappears.”
Marianne Williamson

LIGHT; encounters…
(a haibun)

Into the night with lamp light, into the second book of a trilogy that got you
hooked – retrieved from the free library in another state in time and of
mind. So you make a special trip to the library to get the rest of the series.
And they have both books!

managing to just
check out the books you came for;
a quick in and out…

So you read late into the night and into early morning. Finally adjusting the
lamp out – After the book is …yes actually finished. After all it was about a
three hundred page paperback. And there wasn’t anything on the calendar
…yet. So sleeping in was a perfectly fine assumption…

unexpected light
and sound; phone rings, words ramble,
request, make statements

That on call duty of semi-retirement. Where one never does exactly know
when the call or need will arise – but you are there to swing your feet out
of bed and onto the floor in a wakeful fog, to be present and accounted for.
To provide breakfast and a ride to school for one, and daycare for another.
For that unexpected split lip that needed a stitch or two, that now requires
a full day of recovery at Grama’s house.

smiles that light faces
in the exchange of stories
of what was, will be…


Light: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/light?s=t

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