(g) OctaTimbre/ Pip, Pip Hooray! (10.19)

Pip, Pip Hooray!
(OctaTimbre in syllables)

Everyone is getting into
Leaving painted rocks around town
Some have inspirational words
Thoughtful little pick me ups to
Bring smiles and encouragement for
Those who find these little gems stones.
Others have gotten creative
With their decorating, I found
sort of a cube, a fake “die” job
A fun surprise for me to find


My other main blogs that my icon may or may not go to when I leave a comment:
Flash Fiction = Fiction or non… Longer Strands = longer verse

OctaTimbre: wordplay on the month of October; an 8 x 10 verse form:
Eight letters (same or different words, symbols), syllables or words by ten lines; in a single or multiple series of stanza. Created in honor of the month of October – octo being 8 and 10 – the tenth month on the secular calendar (by JulesPage September 30th, 2017)
Octa http://www.dictionary.com/browse/octa?s=t octa, octo meaning 8
Timbre http://www.dictionary.com/browse/timbre?s=t timbre because poetry can be like music

Note: a pair of dice, a single die. The spots are called ‘pips’.


4 thoughts on “(g) OctaTimbre/ Pip, Pip Hooray! (10.19)

  1. I found one recently. I wish I had the artistic vision/talent to paint a few as the lake smooths so beautifully. Speaking of beauty, thank you for the scarf and the framed photo. You are awesome. 🙂 ❤

    • The ones I left in Wisconsin…where I found the first ones… I just used a black marker and scrawled some images. I actually saw from someone else who has FB (Not me.) that some of the ones I made were found. 🙂

      (I already washed the scarf… since I made it out of left over yarn…hope it keeps you warm!)


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