(g/s/f) Carrot Ranch Invitation: Spell… Bound? (10.12)

Carrot Ranch Invitation: Spell… Bound?
(OctaTimbre with a Septolet haibun)

There is excitement in the air for me
I am stretching my wings, embracing something different
There is a slight tremble, shadow of fear…
No one will want to come and play
The enchantment of creating is the rainbow lure
Who will nibble and possibly take the bait?
Nerves rattle like the moistureless leaves just waiting…
To fall …will they be crushed under foot?
Will I be a successful mage with my
Willow wand in hand and cast my spell

Interrupt time
Interpret space

There is
No race
Just a
Hope for
For participants…


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OctaTimbre: wordplay on the month of October; an 8 x 10 verse form:
Eight letters (same or different words, symbols), syllables or words by ten lines; in a single or multiple series of stanza. Created in honor of the month of October – octo being 8 and 10 – the tenth month on the secular calendar (by JulesPage September 30th, 2017)
Octa http://www.dictionary.com/browse/octa?s=t octa, octo meaning 8
Timbre http://www.dictionary.com/browse/timbre?s=t timbre because poetry can be like music