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I belong to a vibrant community of writers and I would like to share and invite you to participate in anyway that you’d like to:
Carrot Ranch Rodeo Fest

I’ll be hosting one of the Ranch Contests! There’s a first for everything and I hope that you’ll visit. Even in November when Carrot Ranch goes back to hosting 99 word Flash Fiction Challenges.

Cheers, Jules


(g) OctaTimbre/ Inner Peace? (10.2 for 10.3)

Inner Peace?
(an OctaTimbre/ new form)

Still too
Many bugs
In the air
Gnats aim
At my open
Eyes – also
At that in-
Visible 1
My pieces


For an eight word by ten lines ‘prompted’ OctaTimbre:
Artistic Escape?

OctaTimbre: wordplay on the month of October; an 8 x 10 verse form:
Eight letters (same or different words, symbols), syllables or words by ten lines; in a single or multiple series of stanza. Created in honor of the month of October – octo being 8 and 10 – the tenth month on the secular calendar (by JulesPage September 30th, 2017)
Octa octa, octo meaning 8
Timbre timbre because poetry can be like music

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