(g) Mick’s sfp #1/ Fresh as in Lively Animated (9.16)

Fresh as in Lively Animated
(pi ku, tau ku, haiku set)

protected –
Banded Peacock

which by the way is an
very beautiful butterfly

farmed in a large net
Emerald Swallowtail flies
safe in Aruba


Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge – Perpetuating the Rare Breeds. #1 Fresh

The Emerald Swallowtail is a very beautiful butterfly. The shimmering emerald color that often literally sparkles on the wings of this butterfly are simply stunning. When the light shines on the wings just right, you can see the emerald color sparkling like jewels. The Emerald Swallowtail goes by some other names, like Papilo palinurus, Burmese Banded Peacock, Moss Peacock, Green Moss Peacock and Princeps palinurus.
The Banded Peacock is a South Asian native, seen mostly throughout parts of India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. The lime green and dark black colors easily distinguish them from other species.

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4 thoughts on “(g) Mick’s sfp #1/ Fresh as in Lively Animated (9.16)

  1. I was hoping that I had changed the title in time to lessen the confusion, which it seems I am good at. However, and in my defence, the rare breeds bit, was a metaphor relating to rare short form poetry, which I did qualify by adding they can be likened to. However, you elegantly manipulated the prompt, a superb mix!


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