(gs) …enjoying summer 3 (August)

…enjoying summer 3

gnats look for moisture
fly into my face as I
walk through in the woods


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloropidae eye gnats

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5 thoughts on “(gs) …enjoying summer 3 (August)

  1. 😦 swat and duck – it’s a new form of walking – looks hysterically odd from a distance – because no one else can see the little blighters!

    • yeah…I swat at my face and end up getting my hat and glasses. I can only hope no one is watching. One would think that once you snag one and sent it flying it would go in a straight line somewhere else. But no…it returns – unless it signaled it’s buddy to go after the moving giant (me). Much different than a gnat cloud. But both are annoying.

      • well, at least you’re in good company – and I don’t mean the bugs – most people end up employing the same tactics – it’s hysterically funny to watch, but not fun when you’re in the thick of it – but hey, they haven’t quite perfected a “bug be gone” formula yet – so we have to do what we have to do – and there is that odd saying, if the bugs love you, it’s because you’re sweet …..
        personally, I’d settle for something other …. but such as it is … walk and swat and arm windmilling along ….


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