(g) “Trimmings” (7.30)


Some low
Lying branches and
That nasty little creeping

One that
Makes me itch
If I’d let it

When boiled
Makes a lacquer
That adorns works of

The little
Round box gifted
From Japan holding black


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6 thoughts on “(g) “Trimmings” (7.30)

  1. I’ve been reading and following, but comments are kind of like my brain – awol – but you’ve been busy. Hope you wore long sleeves! Interesting huh? how a plant can affect one way, but has so many different properties that serve it and then us, in others. Stay cool and dry – and itch free!

    • Not sure how this ended up in the ‘trash’ but I retrieved it.
      I also discovered that I think crepe myrtle can be a nasty too…
      So I do have to be gloved, long sleeved and very careful.

      No worries, visit and enjoy when you are able.
      I think this will be haiku month… cutting myself some slack and brief pieces help fill that definition. 🙂

      • LOL@the trash issue? It’s been happening all over WP – so, don’t worry too much. Either trash or spam – maybe WP has the summer munchies 😉

        All kinds of things can irritate and cause eruptions, best to always try to be safe and smart about it – so you’re covered 😉 (LOL – okay, groan away – bad bad pun) ….

        Whatever writing works in the moment, works …. I’m feeling particularly lazy, exhausted (damn pain and injuries etc. kicking my butt) and just not feeling any “groovy writing tunes” …. so it’s okay –


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