(g) Spring Summery (6.8)

Spring Summery

Last day of First Grade
For Son of Son –
Just days after his
Seventh birthday…

I picked him up so he could play
For some part of the afternoon
With Little Miss – For the most
Part they do play nicely together

Within Son of Son’s book bag
Was a booklet he had made – of his poetry
An acrostic of his name and one with Mommy
In the Middle and of course others about trucks

I think I’ll teach him about Efjie poems
Tomorrow – since both he and ‘sissy’ will be
Spending another long day here before they
Officially start their summer vacation with Mom.


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3 thoughts on “(g) Spring Summery (6.8)

  1. well as the days grow longer, so do the grandees 😉

    another milestone and marker, and so it is, time waits for no one, sticks get picked up, rocks get pocketed and life trundles on, in new adventures to be shared 🙂

    how lovely for everyone … and I can bet, now, Grandma is happy to rest up a bit 😉


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