(g/s) …unplugged… (5.11)


ordered my friend’s book,
might arrive home when I do…
(since I’ve been away…)

hopefully the scheduled posts
have kept my friends entertained

cell phone spotty; no
internet there, where I’ve been –
relaxing unplugged


Scheduled for Fri May 19

My other main blogs that my icon may or may not go to when I leave a comment:
Flash Fiction = Fiction or non…
Longer Strands = longer verse


9 thoughts on “(g/s) …unplugged… (5.11)

  1. welcome home and now, you need another rest, from all the running about now that you’re back and trying to get back to “routine normal” 😉

    • Normal will be the week after next – I have grandee 1 and 2 for a bit.
      Then besides the neighbors Doc appointments… I’ll figure out a new peaceable routine …
      (slowly catching up… at least I can get into my own gem comments now!)

      • sounds like you’ve been pretty hopping, which is what I figured …. so breathe through it this week and hopefully all will be smooth and easy enough to manage and juggle, and then, well, one day and step at a time, and you’ll find calmer footing soon enough 🙂


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