(g) secluded rivulet rendezvous (5.2)

secluded rivulet rendezvous

morning walk; new bird:
a yellow crowned night heron –
we exchanged glances



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7 thoughts on “(g) secluded rivulet rendezvous (5.2)

    • I did try to take a photo with my cell phone. Now I just have to figure out how to send my photos to ‘me’ – so I can share them. Though the photo makes the bird seem so far away and we were really only 12 maybe 15 feet apart. He or she stood quietly for the photo op. Then I went on to let ‘im continue fishing for breakfast.

      • the photo will look different, and larger, when you figure out the techie end and see it on your puter ….. but at least, you had the live in the fiel ….er … creekish? action! how delightful 🙂 nothing like a heron!

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