(g) Pouncing (5.1)


the new challenge is
continuance of good health
contested by ‘steps’

ten thousand a day for May
more miles are welcome too

from seven to nine
up and down hills and straight paths;
minimum achieved


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6 thoughts on “(g) Pouncing (5.1)

  1. Good for you. It’s a great feeling of achievement when you hit targets. I managed my first 45 mile bike ride on Sunday – in aid of our local Hospice. We did it on the tandem, a mega challenge.

  2. Keep it up, JP. That is impressive. I must admit that I fell short of 10K every day and even overall for the month of April. I made 100 miles though, and if I keep it up, I may achieve this year’s goal of 1000 miles. I hope to do better in May so consider me part of your walking team in spirit. ~nan

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