(g) Treading Dawn (4.27)

Just Karma 253 Elfje series
Treading Dawn

Of pace
And my routine
Walking about two morning

Having something
For ‘breaking fast’
A step to healthy

Chore up
At the ninth
Hour is mowing the


(Note: I guess this will change with pace
but three miles is about 7,133 steps…
all before 8:30am)

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6 thoughts on “(g) Treading Dawn (4.27)

  1. The Jungle had to be tackled. Only got the front so far. Couldn’t even use the whole mower width. And the fitbit counted ‘it’ as outdoor bike! I tried to edit the fitbit category to Mowing Lawn but it didn’t take. Don’t care as long as it counted the foot movement. Made my 10,000 steps by 10 am.

    Oh – hubby had to rise early for an out of town job. So I got up too.

  2. oh, and just wondering, do you mean treading? just really noticed the spelling in my opened tab, kind of headachy here, and was curious …. so thought? a new word?? okay …. let’s investigate …. so made up? meaning something else, poetic liberty (ah you libertine you 😉 )

    inquiring minds are just being curiously wondering ….

    • Phat fingers…tread…ing. More like bifocals missing a loop or not… I even ignored the online correction because it tried to correct it to threading. Esh.

      • LOL – okay … I totally get it …. but it’s funny too, because the more I looked at it as “tredding” – the more I liked the “e” followed by the double “d” 😉

  3. 🙂

    really huh? hmmm …. quite a bit of walking in! but then, early hours offer something entirely different in ambiance, atmosphere and general capers and awakening – always a surprise, even if one is still sleepy 😉

    as for the mowing? again – sorry, I’m chuckling, even though it’s not really funny – so just take it easy, go slowly, and make sure to not overdo it. 🙂

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