248 (g) CR/ 247 (g) Holy Holes and Adoration of Ashes? (4.22) 17 Elfje series plus

Just Karma 248 Elfje series plus
Holy Holes and Adoration of Ashes?

More than
Just an orange
For energy or even

I read
A model had
Hers surgically removed…for

Navels from
Mother to babe
Centers of life blood

Been to
Maui – I saw
Different kinds of hard

Is sharp
A’a is smooth
We did not see

All ash
Is the same…
‘Wildcat Scattering’…she did

My father
At his request –
In the Gulf he

Uncle left
His body to
Science – his ashes were

(…what tradition will I follow?)


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April 20: Flash Fiction Challenge

April 20, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a navel story. It can include a belly-button, feature an omphalos (geological or cultural), or extend to navel-gazing (used in meditation or to describe excessive self-contemplation). Go where this oddity leads you.

Lava Types: Pahoehoe and Aa. Lavas, particularly basaltic ones, come in two primary types: pahoehoe (pronounced ‘paw-hoey-hoey”) and aa (pronounced “ah-ah”). Both names, like a number of volcanological terms, are of Hawaiian origin. A third type, pillow lava, forms during submarine eruptions. ((pahoehoe (pa-hoy-hoy) and a’a (ah ah).)

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6 thoughts on “248 (g) CR/ 247 (g) Holy Holes and Adoration of Ashes? (4.22) 17 Elfje series plus

  1. Your poetic form flows as smooth as hot magma, pondering all aspects of navels. It does strike me that we have so many choices for our physical endings, how does one decide?

  2. Love this Jules. A wonderful thread flows through from one Elfje to another, rising to meet the challenge in fine poetic form. I think this is my new favourite. Thank you.

    • I was meeting a 99 word challenge so I had to add the additional last line. So it was a mini mash of my own daily piece and the Carrot Ranch prompt (see link).


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