(g) New Heights (4.13) wp

Just Karma 239 Elfje series
New Heights

Hills count
As stair steps
(so does) car dancing –

Latest badge:
Helicopter, since I’ve
Climbed five hundred ‘lifetime’
Flights –

Am not
sure how many
Inclined steps equals a

Movement is
Key… I guess
It all balances out


(Note ‘lifetime’ = I’ve only started using a simple ‘Fitbit’ April 2 – And due to my own ignorance, I wasn’t connected every day either…I’ll live. Also: In the case of a “flight of stairs” meaning a series of steps between landings, the usage dates back to the beginning of the 18th century, and may well have been a borrowing of the French phrase “volee d’escalier”= stepping of stairs.)

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