234 (g) Currently Flowing; Air (4.8) wp

Just Karma 234 Elfje series
Currently Flowing; Air

Cold air
Chills my bones
Looking forward to spring

A few
Errands here and
There, but mostly stayed

I still
Met my goal
Five miles stepped and


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Flash Fiction
= Fiction or non…
Longer Strands
= longer verse


9 thoughts on “234 (g) Currently Flowing; Air (4.8) wp

      • well, just take your time, and a warning – don’t go looking for me in blogland, hahahaha – had a melt down, and privatized the site and then emptied it ….

        I’ll send you an email in the next few days, when things calm down here a bit 😉

          • it’s sitting in a file on my lap top, so no worries 😉

            things are okay – mostly, just the furies coming to roost because of “stupid is as stupid does as stupid doesn’t think beyond his nose” …. I know, how ungenerous of me …. but still, patience only goes so far 😉

            either way, I’m hanging in ….


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