233 (g) Unseen Sun Scene (4.6) wp

Just Karma 233 (Elfje series)
Unseen Sun Scene

Everywhere after
Torrential rains makes
The creek creep over

Sky overnight
Allows some water
To settle back into

Threatens to
Come back with
Another storm looming this


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7 thoughts on “233 (g) Unseen Sun Scene (4.6) wp

    • 4/25 More rain today, not enough to go over the banks though
      But things are greening. –
      (Sorry to worry you – by the way – ‘Janice’ was inspired by a murder mystery I had just finished. – I’ve been trying to read more too…)

      • I wasn’t “worried” as such, but concerned that maybe you were overdoing it – so I’m glad to hear that you’re sneaking in more “you” time too – always helps to find some space that isn’t for any particular purpose. But still glad that you’re doing well, even if still “slow” – just rest up. I’ll be here …. waiting 🙂
        and some (((((Jules)))) for good measure 🙂


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