(g) Unexpected Service (3.31) wp

Observing 31 Unexpected 2
Unexpected Service

I made the effort to mail a package
That should have been mailed, well last week.

I told the recipient it would most likely be late,
Delayed because of more than one thing…

But mostly due to a few aches and pains –
Getting in and out of the car…uncomfortable

The clerk said it would arrive on time – but
One never knows… and that’s the bonus.

For a little remembrance of ‘your’ day –
From my coastline to yours

© JP/dh

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2 thoughts on “(g) Unexpected Service (3.31) wp

  1. I had a funny experience with a parcel today. The man just threw it in the porch. I opened the door and said shouldn’t that be signed for. He said I thought you were out. I said you didn’t knock. His reply. I didn’t want to disturb you.

    • Seems everyone is trying to get through their routes faster. I actually got a call from a delivery company that gave me the option of delivering my parcel that has to be signed for to one of their local offices. Since I was going to be out and about the day of delivery I did that. Though it still hasn’t arrived yet. They’ll email me… At least the office is close. And I don’t have to worry about not being home.

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