(g) Ort Whether (3.24) wp

Observing 24 Whether 4
Whether Ort Not
(verse and haiku)

Whether to walk now
Or wait until it warms up

Whether to buy that new pot
Or what until the old one fails

Whether to have a cookie
Or eat a stalk of celery…

Whether to scare the big birds away
Or let them too have half a chance

Whether to watch a repeat, something new
Or read a book…

simple choices fail
when the mind is unsettled;
does distraction help

© JP/dh
http://www.dictionary.com/browse/ort?s=t ort used as in scraps left…

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3 thoughts on “(g) Ort Whether (3.24) wp

  1. either/or and nothing is every black or white …. and sometimes, we acknowledge the greys …. but actually do need to just make a decision, for the restlessness comes and lingers…..

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