(g) Hurry and Wait (3.22) wp

Observing 22 Whether 2
Hurry and Wait
(haibun with renga)

Another day, another appointment
Whether to choose next available
Or wait another day – ‘No brainer’ – here.
First available, same day, hours to wait.

Too many specialists, at least locations are near –
Whether to wait until closer to time or
Leave early – does it matter where one waits…
Are close enough that they are only minutes away.

Then of course there is the other waiting and
Whether to worry about the unknown or
Just wait for all the results that will determine
The next steps…

Well checks done yearly
detect the unusual;
Treatment can begin…

Or one can go home; relief
For another year of health

Insurance can be
A benefit, even with
Those ‘high’ deductibles…

© JP/dh

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6 thoughts on “(g) Hurry and Wait (3.22) wp

  1. seems a little late to be commenting and wishing you well, since I’ve been updated since this posting – but none the less – all glad that the “big” unknown is going to turn out okay. Lots of hugs Jules 🙂

      • then more good news is welcomed ….. now, if you can just keep on in “relief and recovery” mode …..

        • Just a tad more waiting on that…
          And ‘that’ won’t be at least until the middle or end of next month. Then I might have to go through this whole she-bang all over again. OY!

          • OY! is right!

            Well, I guess all that can be done is wait …. and take it as it unfolds …. and try not to get ahead of anything ….. so, best to try to just deal with the day to day …..

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