(g) Spring Reaction; Go! (3.19) wp

Observing 19
Spring Reaction; Go!
(haibun with renga)

Another year another change in policy
To protects the worker bees and families
Time for checking in with healthcare providers,
(Especially when there has been some lapse).
Test here test there, then wait for results –
Though some are put on notice for further trials.
The body that has aged mostly in good health
Might have a surprise or two after a few miles.

below the layers
and in between components
things are that should nought

so another appointment
for investigation looms

things are going to
be put right and corrected
below the layers


(Note: While physicals should be annual and perhaps other tests in different
cycles, sometimes they are not. Not all tests can be done at the same office.
I am though so far, in fairly good shape for the shape I’m in…).

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7 thoughts on “(g) Spring Reaction; Go! (3.19) wp

  1. As long as things are running smoothly and there are no significant or underlying problems or concerns, then, well, be well and healthy and appreciate and work with what you have, right? πŸ™‚

    Of course, tests and appointments and the here, there and everywhere, and then waiting …. it can be tiresome, but if all’s well that ends well, then small price to pay.

    Hope that everything is more than just good Jules

    • I remember counting half years when being a teen and pre-teen. Now I just don’t count at all πŸ™‚

      Our hearts our young and that is what counts!

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