(g) Spring Greys (3.17) wp

Observing 17
Spring Greys
(mini haibun)

Oh where be the Green O’spring
(Just three days from the starting line)?
The flock of red breasted robins have returned
Looking for safe purchase in the hedge
Their internal clocks say it’s time to build nests!
Both bush and tree seems to remain barren –
If there were buds, they’ve been squirreled away!
They play King of the Hill on ‘white’ mounds of snow!
Even the Red Wing blackbirds have gathered in groups

Yellow dawning sun
Rises in the crisp blue sky;
colorless cold chills


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10 thoughts on “(g) Spring Greys (3.17) wp

  1. Spring is slow …. tease and blow …. so stay safe and warm …. and dream a little dream for all things green and sprouting to emerge 😉

      • I’m sure after all the excitement of the snow – for the little ones – and then the change in routine, which was an adventure to be sure, with you at the helm, makes for a lovely treat, it would be all natural to need to conk out for a bit!

        hope you all had some wonderful time together and enjoyed the unexpected play date 🙂

        so now it’s rest and recovery mode I presume??

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