(g) Stella’s Spring Pass… (3.15)

Observing 15
Stella’s Spring Pass…

We ‘lucked out’ as it were only getting a bit more than a third of what was
predicted in snow. But the wintery mix of ice made up in grief for the loss in
total amount. And then of course we all in our little suburban slice of live
pulled together to help each other.

The larger snow blowers that could handle the ice…their drivers just kept
going…clearing walkways and driveways of elderly and housebound. And
some folk with more muscle; They too with shoveled extra.

I felt like I’d walked more miles yesterday than all the week before just going
walking back and forth on my drive trying to figure out where to put the shovels
and bricks of ice-mix-snow chunks I’d carved out. I did pace myself. I was out
four or five different times since six-thirty am. So my travels took me to an early
evening; retiring at six pm.

This morning we have some delays – and the city is still in a bit of a fix and has most
things are still shut down – since the streets are nigh impossible to pass, they’ve
got to haul out the snow in trucks (I think…that’s what they did last time anyway).

just a little stiff
from hopefully the last ‘snow’
of this odd winter


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3 thoughts on “(g) Stella’s Spring Pass… (3.15)

  1. oof! Well, since the worst has come and is still not quite gone, but is now in the hands of others, take the time to rest and tend to the aches and pains ….. and just enjoy the company of the little ones. Sometimes that’s the best way to rejuvenate and recharge, as long as they aren’t overly excited 😉


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