(g) Stella’s Spring Dig (3.14) wp

Observing 14
Stella’s Spring Dig
Packing its
Punches in inches
Snow’s shut down the


(I may or may not add more. Storm “Stella” has arrived!
I’ve been out four about 45 minutes ‘digging’ at around 6:15 am –
it started snowing around 9 pm last night. The snow is about 6” – 8”…in spots.
Surprisingly the street plow has been through – both sides of the road – once already.)

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5 thoughts on “(g) Stella’s Spring Dig (3.14) wp

  1. eep!

    hope you are recovering and taking it slowly ….. weird tracking here there …. it’s been snowing baby fine since this morning and they’ve changed the forecast I don’t know how many times ….and tonight, it’s blowing and whiting out but maybe we’ll get 6 inches.

    Odd how this blast has moved through …..so take it easy …. one shovel at a time – rest often and stay safe and warm …..

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