(g) Fickle Spring Snows (3.13) wp

Observing 13
Fickle Spring Snows
(Elfje quad set)

Cardinals eating
Green buds, yellow
Forsythia petals on the

They aware
That our storm
Is somehow delayed a

Moving just
Means once here
There may be more

It’s due
Tuesday and Wednesday;
A foot to eighteen


(Of course the accumulation depends on where you are;
But even 6” – 8”s will cause enough grief on the roads –
And it still is very bitter cold. Just 18 F at 8 am)

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8 thoughts on “(g) Fickle Spring Snows (3.13) wp

  1. Argh …. far she blows ….

    well, it’s a nor’easter colliding with another system …. *sigh* …. they’ve updated here, perhaps 6 inches, maybe lots more? I hope not – either way, I’m done. D.O.N.E. No more shoveling – other than the front deck – that’s it – to heck with it. It’ll melt, eventually.

    So batten down the hatches, stock up on what’s needed, stay warm and safe …. and perhaps catch you on the other side of whatever happens …. in the mean time, we pray??

    • The USA has several regions. Where I am snow is sporadic. Further north there is more…snow. But then they also know how to handle what they get. When you don’t get a lot of it you aren’t always prepared for when the snow does show up. So everything shuts down.


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