(g) Shelved Spring? (3.12) wp

Observing 12
Shelved Spring?
(Elfje series and katuata)

Crow Moon
was just setting
By seven close to

Real feel
Temperature is ten
Fahrenheit, supposedly it’s nineteen

That lost
Hour bring spring
Weather Closer anytime soon?

We are
Expecting the most
Snow we’ve had all

Close to a foot is
Expected of the white flakes
Of this odd winter, this season


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10 thoughts on “(g) Shelved Spring? (3.12) wp

  1. A copy of my report. Turns out the storm made a turn and we got a lot less snow. But the cold feels like winter just started and spring in far away into next week. Side bar I have two funerals to attend one Thursday, just doing the viewing. Friday I’m going to the cemetery. Brrrrr!

  2. I hate Daylight Saving Time; wish they’d do away with it altogether. Alas, it is not to be, and you are right, it won’t bring spring any sooner. ~nan

    • It was nice living in Indiana…for a time they, and AZ do not switch. Though I think I read that some counties in Indy now have a choice. (Besides the ones close to Chicago.)

  3. 🙂 but 😦

    yeah, winter has been odd …. and spring still doesn’t feel any closer to showing up …. although it will arrive earlier for you than me, naturally, but still …. we will try to appreciate the idea of “water” in a different form???

    anyhow …. stay safe, bundled up and keep fingers and toes crossed that it won’t land as hard as they think it might ….

    • I do enjoy water…I used to eat ice cubes.
      Not sure why I started or why I stopped.
      I think I just read somewhere that it is better to drink room temp or even warm liquids. As cold shocks your system.

      • yup – cold water is too much of a shock indeed – room temp or warm it is – and oddly enough, if you really feel your body – after gulping back on something cold because of thirst, you may feel fuller faster, mostly because you’ve swallowed a whole ton of air along with the liquid, and if no “ice cream headache” followed, chances are, within a few minutes, as everything settles, you will actually feel disoriented and sooner than later, realize that your thirst hasn’t been quenched. Extremes to the body are harder to process.

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