(g) Spring Clarity? (3.7) wp

Observing 7
Spring Clarity?
( prose )
Pressed into service
One must spring to attention
Yet at the same time be willing
To wait, and wait, and wait.
Volunteering one can learn
That even those who haven’t much
Time left or perhaps much left to lose
Still possess expectations
Staying true to your beliefs
Does not mean that you have to
Be part of a larger congregation
That focuses on specific goals
If the weather were colder this
mornings’ rain could have been snow…
And blessings can often be found
As the simplest ideals and ideas
Recognizing that time marches,
Seasons change and the bird feeder
Needs more seed are all valuable lessons ~
And individuality is indeed priceless


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4 thoughts on “(g) Spring Clarity? (3.7) wp

  1. a slow day – not!

    filled with the moments of “hurry up AND WAIT” …. but indeed, there are things, instances and ideas that spring to mind, new ways of seeing and understanding, clues and bits of seeds that are scattered and beaked, leaving one to accumulate and collect the ideas just waiting to germinate and translate themselves into words ….



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