(g) Spring Into Action (3.6) wp

Observing 6
Spring Into Action
(Elfje series)

Going, winter
Lingers, yet one~
Ought be quick on

Not for
The ‘MayPop’ tire
To ~ do damage Before

Is out
Of your control;
Maintenance is a not


Note: The MayPop is what it implies, a weak tire ‘may pop’ at a most inconvenient
time as well as cause an accident! Know your car and keep it safe!

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6 thoughts on “(g) Spring Into Action (3.6) wp

  1. I sense a bit of “told you so” frustration lingering … which stands to reason, of course. Hopefully you can just take it all in stride, as you ride/drive around safely, knowing that despite the actions of the other, you were able to lend a hand and perhaps, now the value of attending to what really needs time and repair, might become a higher priority. Hope the rest of the day runs smoothly for you.


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