(g) Spring Sigh (3.5) wp

Observing 5
Spring Sigh
(haibun with tanka)

How does one celebrate spring
When in the winter of their own life?
Difficult as it is to remain independent
The neighbor in his nineties, finally is
Accepting help from those who may yet
Become closer than living relatives…
Knowing and accepting limitations also
Means knowing when to ask and accept help.
So yesterday he allowed her to take him
To the local barber…maybe Monday for groceries…
Once home he’ll return to the reverie of youthful springs

age is a number
days are marked off as they pass
soon spring will arrive

even though the weather hangs
tightly onto winter’s cloak


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7 thoughts on “(g) Spring Sigh (3.5) wp

  1. Time passes and unfolds as it will – to still be independently living in one’s 90s? Incredible. Autonomy is so important to so many – so when the time comes, to ask for help, even the small steps, is huge. Kindness and compassion go so far in easing loneliness, as you already know. I’m sure he is grateful.

    Lovely thoughts here Jules. 🙂


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